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The National Network of Education and Science – a knowledge exchange seminar to expand the activities of the scientific network was successfully held on June 23, 2023 in the Soyombo Hall of the Tuushin Hotel.

The seminar was organized by the Ministry of Education and Science within the framework of the ICT Expo-2023 “Mindgolia” event implemented by the Government of Mongolia in order to expand the activities of the National Research and Education network in the Trans-Euro-Asia region of the Asia-Pacific countries. It was organized as part of the information network project.

The main purpose of this knowledge exchange seminar was to establish a shared understanding of the National Network of Education and Science, learn from the experiences of other countries, and discuss the potential expansion of the Scientific Network’s activities.

Over 80 individuals, representing Mongolian universities, the Academy of Sciences, and other academic institutions, participated in the knowledge exchange seminar.

At the seminar, experts from various organizations, including the head of the e-policy and statistics department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia, the director of the Education Information Technology Center, the head of the IT department of the Japan-Mongolia Hospital, the professor of SHUTIS, the director of Intek Ltd., the Institute of Science and Technology of the Ministry of Science and Technology of the Philippines senior specialist in scientific research, deputy director of Asian Telemedicine Development Center (TEMDEC) of Kyushu University Hospital, and the center director of Science Research Network (KREONET) of South Korea Institute of Science and Technology, shared their country’s experience.

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