More than 20 years of experience


A scientific network center was established.

The Erdemnet Network Center was established on June 20, 2000, to improve communication, information exchange, and research access in the fields of education, culture, and science in Mongolia.


An educational data center was established.

The extension of the Erdemnet Network Center was built with joint funding from the state budget and the Asian Development Bank. Servers, equipment, and network resources were purchased and installed.


The “Education of the New Century” project was implemented.

The project “Education of the New Century” was implemented to establish the basic infrastructure of the education sector’s information system, create electronic materials and learning environments, and provide quality and equally accessible education to every child.


Internet service has been taken over.

In July 2014, the Ministry of Education and Culture transferred the Internet services of schools and education departments in the provincial centers from Univision to our center. After receiving the network, the equipment, cables, and lines that make up the local users and educational infrastructure were transferred from Univision’s IP network to our own network. Partial migration was performed using local physical connections to minimize network disruption for users.


Three provinces are integrated into the IP MPLS network.

Khuvsgul province was directly connected to the IP MPLS network on September 4, Dornogovi province on September 5, and Gobi-Sumber province on October 15.


Service restored.

Twenty-one provincial centers and two remote districts were restored at 3Mbps each.


An educational information technology center was established.

At the Government of Mongolia’s meeting on March 25, 2020, the “Educational Information Technology Center” was established as a state budget enterprise. It is based on the “Educational Information System” development team and utilizes the human resources and infrastructure of the “Erdemnet” network center.