ErdemNet and TEIN connectivity

After the establishment of the TEIN network in 2005, TEIN CC repeatedly invited our scientists to join this network. However, at that time, we lacked knowledge and information about the TEIN network and the benefits of connecting to it. We also didn’t have a clear solution on how to make the initial investments required for connection, so our country couldn’t express its position. Despite this, the Erdemnet network participated in TEIN network’s regular events and included Mongolian experts in the trainings organized during these events.

In 2013, after almost all Asian countries were connected to the TEIN network, TEIN CC initiated the “Relevant Opportunity Research” project in Mongolia. This project was carried out by Professor A. Erdenebaatar, Director of Erdemnet Network Center, Professor Kim Young Mi of Khurey University, Mongolian Information Network Company engineer S. Bilgee, and others. The project concluded that Mongolian educational and scientific institutions were ready to connect to the TEIN network through Erdemnet in terms of technical, technological, and human factors. The project report suggested that the connection could be made through the network of an operator with a foreign gateway to the Beijing or Hong Kong port of the TEIN network. The initial connection and operating costs for the first connection, at speeds of 45 or 155 Mbps, were calculated. Our operators recommended choosing the Hong Kong port for connecting due to various reasons.

Therefore, in 2020, the Minister of the Ministry of Education and Culture at that time, Yo. Baatarbileg, issued an official request to connect Mongolia to the TEIN network.

Although Mongolia expressed its request for connection, several years passed before the issue of the initial cost of connection was resolved. Finally, in 2020, Mongolia was connected to the TEIN network at a speed of 150 Mbps. The initial connection and operating costs are being financed from the state budget through the annual budget of the Minister of Education and Science.

Currently, higher education institutions, led by MUST, are utilizing the TEIN network as an additional gateway to the Internet. However, research on the use of the TEIN network in Mongolia reveals that the scientific content is not meeting the desired level. This can be observed from the report on the joint activities of the TEIN network member countries.

The costs associated with TEIN are covered by the Government of Mongolia.

Connect and collaborate with 55 million researchers from 15,000 institutions in Asia and the Pacific (with up to 100Gbps direct connection).

Cooperate with 28 National Research and Education Networks (NRENs) from 24 countries in the region.

Connect to the Global Network of Education and Science, including APAN, NORDUnet, Internet2, TransPAC, GEANT, and others.

Joint financing of European and Asian partnerships, totaling €36.5 million (€20.0 + €16.5).